Katya is Rock and Roll’s Love Child! KATYA IS ROCK AND ROLL’S LOVE CHILD! KATYA is a first generation, Los Angeles native, Russian Freedom Rocker.  She is an astounding singer, songwriter, performer and musician with a repertoire of over 300 songs.  KATYA has appeared on NBC, KTLA, VH1 Classic, E Channel, MTV, and Japanese TV.  KATYA is a cast member in the […]

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CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH KATYA FROM MOTORCADE AUDIO MAGAZINE! Tracey Flamenco ROCKS! “You hear horror stories from a lot of major label bands, but bottom line, if the conditions were right, I’d give it a try.” I found this last statement intriguing. Curious about how other artists felt, I asked soon-to-be breakout artist, KATYA, (who’s self released debut album Rock Lives comes out […]